What is a Fiduciary?

A person you can trust to care for you, your finances and care, or for one you love.    The Professional Fiduciary is trained and licensed for these 4 roles:

  1. To be the Conservator of a person and/or their finances.

  2. To be the Administrator/Executor of a person’s Will when they pass away.

  3. To be the Trustee of a Trust while a person is alive, and after they have passed away.

  4. To be the Power of Attorney for Finances and/or Health Care  (also known as Health Care Agent).

Stephanie brings these needed skills to the role:

Financial Acumen to faithfully manage one’s total assets through coordinating a team of experts (lawyers, financial investment advisors, CPA’s, real estate brokers.)

Project Management to coordinate diverse matters like: in-home care, residential care facility, property management, bill paying, investment portfolio management, etc.

Life-Maturity & Wisdom to make solid decisions about a person’s overall care and finances.

Conflict Negotiation to handle various perspectives of family members, friends, and beneficiaries in matters of medical care and money.

Problem Solving Ability to effectively handle knotty situations such as—how do we help our beloved Grandfather leave his home of 35 years and move to assisted living?

A Caring and Enjoyable Personality to bring needed compassion and humor.