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Welcome to “A LIFE WELL LIVED” Newsletter

FIRST, ANNOUNCING A NEW CAREER VENTURE:  I am now a California licensed Professional Fiduciary!  (*If that’s a new term to you, see below.)   As an ordained Presbyterian clergy, this opportunity brings together my gifts/training of caring for people, working with families in crisis, organizing life and solving problems.


We all want to be known as people who lived life wisdomwell.  Some might define that as enjoying simple pleasures or thriving in career/family roles or making the world a better place for others.  Some of you receiving this newsletter are, like me, in what psychologist Carl Jung calls, the Second Half of Life.  The issues and work of the first half are somewhat different from the second.  In the context of planning for concrete issues such as—wills/trust, advance directives, legacy leaving—we will look at the emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues that undergird good second half of life planning and living.

Join me as I venture out into the second half of life and a new career role.  Think with me about these parts of a life well lived, which some of us notice and take care of….and some of us not so much:

  • Making/updating a Will or Trust
  • Making an Advance Directive and talking about it with our loved ones.
  • Considering how we leave the legacy we leave (and what is our legacy?)
  • Attending to the emotional/spiritual aspect of aging well, so we might:

Enjoy empty nest, retirement, the flaming 40’s and onward.

Become true “elders” and not just people who aged chronologically.

“No wise person ever wanted to be younger.”  --Native American Aphorism



“No wise person ever wanted to be younger.”  –Native American Aphorism

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 9.15.58 AM

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 9.15.58 AM

Thanks,   Stephanie Allen



* What is a Professional Fiduciary?

A Professional Fiduciary is trained and licensed for these 3 roles:

  1. To be the Conservator/Guardian of a person and/or a person’s finances.
  2. To be the Administrator of a person’s will when they pass away.
  3. To be the Trustee of a trust while a person is alive, after they have passed away, or on behalf of a loved one.

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